IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Conference, Turin, Italy

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TMA 2013


The 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Emerging Design Choices in Name-Oriented Networking (NOMEN 2013)



Scope and Topics

The concept of name-oriented networking (also referred to as Content/Information-Centric Networking) has emerged in recent years as a promising candidate paradigm for the future Internet architecture. Instead of host-to-host communication, as in the current Internet architecture, a name-oriented network architecture makes named data as first class entities and rethinks the communication model in terms of what data to fetch instead of which host to reach. This basic idea has spawned world wide research efforts in exploring various design approaches to enable applications communicating by data names instead of host IP addresses in a scalable, secure, and efficient manner. Following the success of NOMEN 2012, the objective of this workshop is to present up to date research progresses in the field, with an emphasis on new applications enabled by the novel paradigm and on the evaluation and deployment challenges. More specifically, we solicit contributions in

  • new applications and use cases enabled by the name-oriented networking paradigm (for example IoT networking, enterprise networks, supporting peer-to-peer applications, health-care applications, and vehicle networking, just to name a few);
  • deployment and implementation challenges; and
  • methodologies for evaluation of existing design choices, to perform comparisons of their respective advantages.

The workshop solicits submissions of original work that pertains to the design, development, evaluation, and analysis of name-oriented networks and applications.





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