IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Conference, Turin, Italy

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The Conference will take place at the Lingotto Conference Centre, Via Nizza 280, Torino.

The Welcome Reception will take place at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino (the National Automobile Museum), Corso Unità d'Italia 40, Torino.

Lingotto Conference Centre


Former location of Fiat' s first major car factory built between 1917 and 1920, the Lingotto houses today a shopping center, a hotel, an art gallery, a concert hall and a conference center: a great modern structure designed especially for conventions.

Lingotto was designed by architect Giacomo Mattè Trucco in a rationalist, innovative style. The buiding symbolised a turning point in the development of Italian industry, marking the end of one era and the start of another. Many generations of workers have been employed in the workshops of this great industrial complex, manufacturing not only cars but also aero engines, commercial vehicles and household appliances. Having already undergone many renovations over the years in response to changing industrial needs, in 1985 the factory ceased production.

In 1989 an international competition was launched to transform the Lingotto industrial area into a modern multifunctional centre. The winning project by Genoese architect Renzo Piano was turned into reality, earning acclaim from architects and engineers around the world.

Lingotto Conference Centre, as all of the companies belonging to FIAT Group worldwide, follows the Group Code of Conduct. The Code reserves specifically a chapter called "Health, Safety & Environment". At the moment, measures resorted by the Conference Centre for an environmental sustainable policy can be resumed as follows:

1) Water: check of potability for water destined to human consumptions

2) Air: check of all air-conditioned surroundings

3) Soil: check of Radon gas

4) Electrical power: 15% of the Conference Centre lights are "low-consumption" lights

5) Waste Management: on demand, differentiated picking and conveyance to dumping grounds of: wood, carpets, paper, cartridges, batteries, lamps and out of date medicines

6) CO2 emissions: check, upon clients' request, of all the energetic consumption of a single meeting in order offset by planting trees on the territory.

Learn more on Lingotto Congress Centre website

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Map of the rooms


Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

museo-auto-2 museo-auto-1

The Automobile Museum was set up in 1932 based on the idea of two pioneers of Italian motoring, Cesare Goria Gatti and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia (the first President of the Turin Automobile Club and one of the founders of the Fiat company), and is one of the oldest Automobile Museums in the world. The Museum has one of the rarest and most interesting collections of its kind, with almost 200 original cars dating from the mid-19th century to the present day, and over eighty different makes of vehicle, from Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland and the United States. Learn more on Museo Nazionale dell'Auto website.

The Museo Nazionale dell'automobile will host the IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Welcome Reception, on Tuesday, April 16, from 18:00 to 21:30.

How to reach the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile from the Lingotto Conference Centre