IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Conference, Turin, Italy

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TMA 2013 Program


The 5th IEEE International Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Workshop (TMA 2013)


Technical Program

Friday, April 19


9:00-9:20 Welcome and opening


Session I "DNS analysis" -- Session Chair: Steve Uhlig

Check-Repeat: A New Method of Measuring DNSSEC Validating Resolvers -- [Presentation]

Yingdi Yu (UCLA, USA); Duane Wessels (The Measurement Factory, Inc, USA); Matt Larson (Verising Labs, USA); Lixia Zhang (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)

Modeling DNS Agility with DNSMap -- [Presentation]

Andreas Berger (FTW Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, Austria); Wilfried Gansterer (University of Vienna, Austria)

Trapping Botnets by DNS failure graphs: Validation, Extension and Application to a 3G Network -- [Presentation]

Arian Bär (Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW), Austria); Antonio Paciello (Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW), Austria); Peter Romirer-Maierhofer (Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), Austria)


10:30-11:00 Coffee break


Session II "Network Performances" -- Session Chair: Jordi Domingo-Pascual

New generation satellite broadband Internet services: should ADSL and 3G worry? -- [Presentation]

Alessio Botta (University of Napoli Federico II, Italy); Antonio Pescapé (University of Napoli Federico II, Italy)

Troubleshooting Slow Webpage Downloads -- [Presentation]

Heng Cui (EURECOM, France); Ernst W Biersack (EURECOM, France)

Fighting the bufferbloat: on the coexistence of AQM and low priority congestion control -- [Presentation]

Yixi Gong (Telecom ParisTech, France); Dario Rossi (Telecom ParisTech, France); Claudio Testa (Telecom ParisTech, France); Silvio Valenti (TELECOM ParisTech, France); Dave Taht (, France)

To the Moon and back: are Internet bufferbloat delays really that large? -- [Presentation]

Chiara Chirichella (Telecom ParisTech, France); Dario Rossi (Telecom ParisTech, France)


12:30-14:00 Lunch break


Session III "Passive Monitoring and Classification" -- Session Chair: Antonio Pescape’

Self-Learning Classifier for Internet Traffic -- [Presentation]

Luigi Grimaudo (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Marco Mellia (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Elena Baralis (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Ram Keralapura (Narus, USA)

Rogue Femtocell Owners: How Mallory Can Monitor My Devices -- [Presentation]

David Malone (NUI Maynooth, Ireland); Darren F Kavanagh (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland); Niall Murphy (Google, Ireland)

Botnet detection revisited: theory and practice of finding malicious P2P networks via Internet connection graphs -- [Presentation]

Stefan Ruehrup (FTW, Austria); Pierfrancesco Urbano (FTW, Austria); Andreas Berger (FTW Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, Austria); Alessandro D'Alconzo (Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), Austria)

10 Gbit Line Rate Packet-to-Disk Using n2disk -- [Presentation]

Luca Deri (NTOP, Italy); Alfredo Cardigliano (NTOP, Italy); Francesco Fusco (ETH, Switzerland)


15:30-16:00 Coffee break


Session IV "Global Internet" -- Session Chair: Ernst Biersack

Gaining Insight into AS-level Outages through Analysis of Internet Background Radiation -- [Presentation]

Karyn Benson (CAIDA/UCSD, USA); Alberto Dainotti (CAIDA, UC San Diego, USA); Kimberly Claffy (CAIDA, USA); Emile Aben (RIPE NCC, The Netherlands)

SpamTracer: How Stealthy Are Spammers? -- [Presentation]

Pierre-Antoine Vervier (Eurecom, France); Olivier Thonnard (Symantec, France)

Improving AS Relationship Inference Using PoPs -- [Presentation]

Lior Neudorfer (Tel Aviv University, Israel); Yuval Shavitt (Tel-Aviv University, Israel); Noa Zilberman (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)



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